"...a first-rate performer of all musical categories."

New York Times

"This stellar performer transports you with every song."

"A Larry Woodard performance is a musical experience you'll never forget!"
Bill Boggs

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Larry Woodard performs in concert halls, cabarets, theaters, and gala celebrations all over the world. He has entertained presidents and prime ministers at the White House, has performed before the global diplomatic corps at the United Nations, and has been cheered by fans in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Salt Lake City, Palm Beach, Hamburg, Salzburg, Boston, Montreal, Nashville, and scores of other cities. Larry has won both the BackStage Bistro Award and a MAC Award, the cabaret industry's highest honors, and is regularly engaged by a host of arts presenters, private individuals, and international conglomerates. His radiant singing persona and signature piano tone have delighted music lovers in Carnegie Hall, at the Metropolitan Opera House, with the New York Philharmonic, at the Russian Tea Room, in the Oak Room of New York's fabled Algonquin Hotel, and aboard the world tour of the S.S. Royal Viking Star. Larry Woodard has appeared on stage or television with Kathleen Battle, Bill Boggs, Celeste Holm, Bryant Gumbel, Rex Reed, and Joe Franklin, as well as opera stars Denyce Graves, Rene Pape, Florence Quivar, Johan Botha, Lauren Flanigan, and Francisco Araiza. And Larry's is the dubbed speaking voice and the operatic singing voice for Michael J. Fox in the award-winning Diet Pepsi commercial "A Night at the Opera." Larry has recorded for EMI, DRG, MRF, and JM record companies. To purchase the CD, simply click on "Order Now" and follow the instructions. The CD will be shipped to you right away.


Larry Woodard / Lucky To Be Me

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